Standing with Residents in the Flight Path of John Wayne Airport

The following is a statement from Michelle Steel, Vice Chair of the Orange County Supervisors, regarding General Aviation improvements at John Wayne Airport:

“I was proud to stand with residents, whose daily lives are affected by jet flights, in support of Alternative 3 for the General Aviation Improvement Program. Alternative 3 would make the smallest of changes at the airport, and only allow for the modernization of old general aviation facilities and corrections to meet FAA rules. It is the only proposal presented to the Board of Supervisors projected to reduce private jets at the airport.

“Instead of siding with residents, the majority of the Board showed their support for Alternative 1 which would slash space for small planes to make more room for bigger facilities and more jets. Recognizing community opposition, the Board majority quickly drafted a different version of Alternative 1 that could limit jets and general aviation facilities.

“The proposal is a complicated mess that was only quickly sketched on piece of paper. Like they say, the devil is in the details. The vote yesterday was delayed because of legal questions about the content of the proposal.

Before this proposal returns to the Board of Supervisors for a vote, I will demand details for residents in the flight path. We need facts and a plan not just notes on a piece of paper.  What limits will be created and how will they be enforced? The proposal must meet my constituents’ shared goals to preserve space for small planes, limit jet activity, and not expand general aviation facilities.

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Vice Chair Michelle Steel represents the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ Second District, which includes John Wayne Airport.