2019 Surfing Walk of Fame Class Induction Ceremony

I had the honor of offering congratulatory remarks to the eight Inductees of the 2019 Surfing Walk of Fame Class at the Induction Ceremony. The event took place across the street from the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing at Pacific Coast Highway/Main in Surf City USA.

The Woman of the Year Inductee is 27-year old Courtney Conlogue. To be eligible for Induction you have be a U.S. or World Champion for ten years. Courtney won her first championship at age sixteen. Wow!

All of the eight Inductees had warm, moving, and funny stories they imparted to the hundreds in attendance. All were gracious and humble - which are traits we don’t see enough in other sports champions.

A HUGE thank you to John Etheridge and his Board of Directors of the Surfing Walk of Fame. They did a fantastic job with last night’s VIP Reception and today’s Induction Ceremony. I am amazed by everyone who worked hard to ensure this was a great event.

To the 2019 Class of Inductees, ‘Orange County is Very Proud of you!’

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