Board Updates

January 11, 2022

New District, Same Priorities.

Thank you to those who attended our Tuesday, January 11th Board of Supervisors meeting. Given the surge of Omicron and COVID cases in Orange County, you can safely attend BOS meetings online, from your own home: Here

Please use this link to attend upcoming Orange County Transit Authority Meetings (OCTA): Here

Board Updates (1/11/21)

Supervisor Doug Chaffee was appointed as the Chair of the Board, with Supervisor Bartlett dissenting and Supervisor Foley absent (here). Supervisor Don Wagner was appointed as Vice Chair. 

  • Agenda Item 12:The Board approved a contract that will allow for analysis of the County’s business environment and the technology being utilized. 
  • Agenda Item 1:The Board approved a contract with Age Well Senior Services. This contract will expand seniors access to nutrition programs, transportation, case management, and in-home care services. Our seniors have been significantly impacted by the pandemic and finding solutions to address their needs is a top priority of our office.
  • Agenda Item 30:The Board approved $404,604 in state funding for a truancy response program. The Department of Education will work with community organizations for programming and services that help fill gaps in our county’s truancy response system. 

Agenda Item 32: I’m pleased to learn that the Young Adult Court received $56,792in federal grant funding to support its operation. The Young Adult Court is an innovative model for the nation. Read More: Here



December 14, 2021

The Board Approved...

Highlights From Our December 14, 2021 Meeting

Supporting Homekey Funds to Convert Three Motels in our District into Housing for Seniors, Veterans, and Residents Transitioning from Shelters

The Board voted to move forward with our initiative to accept $34,500,000 in Homekey funds from the State. This funding helps us convert 3 degraded motels into permanent supportive housing. I’m proud that all three properties—located in Stanton, Huntington Beach, and Costa Mesa—are in my district. Our team organized a comprehensive workshop for our Mayors and City Managers to learn about the program, benefits, County technical and legal supports, and invited cities to identify target motels. It worked! Reducing homelessness and increasing housing affordability for seniors and Veterans is critical. I look forward to transforming these sites and improving the quality of life for residents.

Climate Action-Capistrano Beach Climate Adaptation Project Grant

We also approved a $4.2 million dollar grant application to help address Capistrano Beach coastal erosion by implementing a nature-based adaptation project. This project is a great start to evaluating whether nature-based adaptation projects are a good solution for other Orange County beaches facing coastal erosion. Finding solutions to address rising sea levels and protect our beaches and residents is a top priority for me. Since day one, I’ve lobbied Congress and the Army Corps for sand replenishment along our coast and supported state sponsored legislation to protect our coast. I’m anxious to get the project started.

 More Climate Action-Diverting Food Waste

The Board approved a grant application for Edible Food Recovery Program funds. If awarded the grant by CalRecycle, these funds will support the purchase of equipment such as refrigerators, installation, software, training, and education materials to help County agencies facilitate edible food recovery. Food waste accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions at a time when so many in our community are food insecure. I was recently contacted by a student concerned about food waste at school. I look forward to future efforts to improve the County’s food diversion efforts that address food insecurity and sustainability.



December 10, 2021

The Board Approved...

Agenda Item 18: An Amendment to the contract with JBT AeroTech Corporation for Terminals A, B and C Passenger Boarding Bridges and Baggage Handling System Maintenance Services

This upgrade to our baggage system will help travelers get out of airport more quickly. The airport staff and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers both supported this contract, which will include prevailing wages for workers. This will benefit the Airport and Orange County working families. 

Agenda Item 26: A contract with Waymakers for Outreach, Support and Education Services for Families of Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System. 

This contract will help youth and their families to navigate the system and reintegrate into society. We are committed to improving outcomes and reducing recidivism rates for our County’s most vulnerable youth.



November 23, 2021

Alex Rounaghi
Policy Analyst

This Week Our Board Approved....

  • Map 5 A – 1 as the District boundaries for Board of Supervisors for the next decade. Over the next few weeks, County Counsel will draft an ordinance - based on this map - and the Board will approve the final version.
  • The appointment of Blair Contratto to the Cal Optima Board of Directors, with Supervisor Foley and Supervisor Bartlett dissenting.
  • The formation of the Community Facilities District for the Rienda Village of Rancho Mission Viejo. This District will allow for a special tax to fund services for the new residents of the area, including OC Fire Authority, Santa Margarita Water District, and Capistrano Unified School District.



November 19, 2021

This Week the Board Approved...

  • 2 Maps Approved for Consideration
  • A $15,000 donation from the Lloyd Family Trust. These funds will help cover the costs of feeding, sheltering, and caring for more than 18,000 animals rescued from OC Animal Care each year.
  • A contract to expand the County’s Suicide Prevention and Support Services. This expansion of services will to help ensure that individuals in a crisis have access to supportive suicide prevention, intervention, post-care services, and follow-up care.
  • Contracts with several different entities, with the goal of health equity for Orange County residents. These contracts are funded by a Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Health Disparity Grant. While I voted for this agenda item to accept the federal funds for this contract, I raised concerns about including COVID-19 in the stated priorities and requested a more itemized accounting into use of these funds.



November 9, 2021

Redistricting: Board of Supervisors Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing to consider input on proposed 2021 Redistricting Maps. Prior to the public hearing, I submitted a Memorandum that provides written commentary on the proposed maps and the importance of complying with all elements of the Federal Voting Rights Act

The public shared their perspective on selecting a Redistricting Map that complies with those Federal provisions, with many constituents sharing personal stories about why a fair and balanced map matters within our County.

You can view the Agenda Bill with the proposed maps here
Or watch the public hearing in its entirety here.

Alex Rounaghi
Policy Analyst

On November 10, 2021 Supervisor Foley and I attended the OCTA Finance and Administration Committee. 

Supervisor Foley and her colleagues voted to approve an early payment to the Orange County Employees Early Retirement System (OCERS). If the full OCTA board approves prepaying the agency’s contributions, it will save approximately 1.6 million in taxpayer dollars. The Committee also received a report on grant application and a comprehensive update on the status of the 91 Express Lanes.

Supervisor Foley also attended the Local Agency Formation Commission of Orange County (LAFCO). Orange County LAFCO oversees geographic boundaries of public service providers, evaluates the delivery of public services, and engages and collaborates with local governments and service providers. 

2 members of the Board of Supervisors have a seat on LAFCO, with Supervisor Foley serving as an alternate. During Wednesday’s meeting, LAFCO considered important items, including the 2020-2021 Audited Financial Statements and 2021 Strategic Plan. 

To learn more about LAFCO, check out their website.



November 2, 2021 Board Update

Overview of our activities throughout District 2, the latest on the Orange County Oil Spill, COVID-19 updates, and highlights.

Here are the highlights from the Tuesday, November 2, 2021 Board of Supervisors meeting, along with several other important Agenda items discussed.

Agenda Item 4: John Wayne Capacity Allocations for 2022 Plan Year

The Board approved John Wayne Airport’s capacity allocation for 2022, including Regulated Average Daily Departures, Seat Capacity, Remain Overnight Capacity and Passenger Capacity for scheduled Commercial Passenger Air Carriers, Commercial Cargo Carriers and Commuter Passenger Air Carrier. This must comply with the County’s Phase 2 Access Plan which limits passengers to 11.8 million annually.

Supervisor Foley commented:

“I am committed to finding solutions that minimize the impact that the airport has on the surrounding community. I am also pleased to announce that I received a commitment from JWA officials to include a community impact section of future staff reports for airport related agenda items. I believe that is a strong step towards ensuring that all decisions regarding the airport take into account the impact on the surrounding community, allowing the board to have a better understanding of the tradeoffs involved in every decision we make.

I want to thank the team at John Wayne Airport, as well as my Airport Commissioner Sue Dvorak, for their hard work and insights to find solutions at John Wayne Airport.”

Agenda Item 11: Authorize CA HCD to Administer Allocation Rental Assistance Round 2 Program

The Board voted to have the state administer our county’s allocation of rental assistance funds for those who qualify for COVID-19 hardship assistance. $82 million dollars is available for Orange County residents for up to 18 months of upcoming rent or back rent.

Supervisor Foley commented:

“It is incredibly important that all members of the community are aware of this program. Please visit to see if you are qualified.”

Agenda Item 18: Approve first reading of the County’s Organic Waste Disposal Reduction Ordinance

I voted to approve the first reading of Agenda Item 18. By the end of 2021, every jurisdiction in California must pass a similar ordinance to comply with SB 1383, which requires a 75%reduction in organic waste disposal by 2025.

Supervisor Foley commented:

“While this ordinance only applies to the unincorporated areas of the County, I will continue working with the great team at Orange County Waste and Recycling to minimize food waste and promote accountability.”

On Wednesday, Supervisor Foley hosted a virtual discussion about sober living home policy reforms. We discussed the differences in the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and County ordinances. Attorneys Nahal Kazemi, Sy Everett, and Chris Lee shared insights from their successful litigation strategy to defend and enforce the Costa Mesa ordinance (which the 9th Circuit re-affirmed in September). Nicole Walsh from County Counsel shared about the County Ordinance. Newport Beach Public Officials agreed to consider updates to their Ordinance.

Supervisor Foley also discussed our District 2 Sober Living Home Action Plan:

  1. Monitor and request investigations by DHCS and CDSS
  2. Createcountywidemapoflicensed/unlicensedfacilities
  3. Consider policy options for improving Sheriff’s voluntary registry
  4. Advocateforstatelegislativereform



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