Chairwoman Michelle Steel’s Reaction to Federal Government Filing a Federal Notice of Movement on Fairview Developmental Center

Santa Ana, Calif. (February 28, 2020) – Today the United States Federal Government filed a Federal Notice of Movement to remove Fairview Development Center in Costa Mesa as a site to house persons who have tested positive for COVID-19.

Chairwoman Michelle Steel, County of Orange Board of Supervisors had the following comments on tonight’s decision by the Federal government:

“It was unfortunate that it took such extreme measures in order to get our state and federal government counterparts to listen to the concerns of Orange County residents and local elected officials relating to the use of the Fairview Development Center for COVID-19 patients.”

“The state of California made the wrong decision and we’re pleased to see that the Federal government listened to the County’s concerns and reversed course on the decision to use Fairview Development Center and spare the residents of my district any more distress.”

“I would like to thank the work of County of Orange CEO Frank Kim and Orange County Health Care Agency Director Richard Sanchez for their hard work and perseverance in ensuring all of Orange County’s residents are protected.”

“It is my hope that all governmental bodies can move past this incident and go back to protecting all American citizens from COVID-19.”


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