Press Mentions 2021

Supporting Businesses

California Apparel News

November 24, 2021

South Coast Plaza General Manager David Grant Announces Retirement

“David Grant’s legacy extends beyond building infrastructure and prominence as an international shopping destination. His legacy at South Coast Plaza is the lasting relationships and care for others,” said Katrina Foley.


Support for Struggling Families

Orange County Breeze

November 22, 2021

Supervisor Katrina Foley announces initiatives for families, Including diaper distribution, free COVID-19 saliva test kits, and meal distribution for the holidays

“Every family needs diapers. The cost of diapers continue to increase, forcing parents to choose diapers over other basic needs like food, toiletries, laundry soap, and even school supplies for older children in the home,” said Supervisor Foley. “We also passed out $25 grocery store gift cards, as part of our nutrition assistance grants funded from American Rescue Plan funds.”


Supporting Workers

Los Angeles Times – Daily Pilot

November 18, 2021

Protestors Rally in Solidarity With Striking Mine Workers


Supporting the Arts & Culture

Los Angeles Times – Daily Pilot

November 18, 2021

Fun Zone Festival for Balboa Island Museum Raises


US News Express

September 22, 2019 (She was mayor then, do we want to include this?)

The Orange County Museum of Art Breaks Ground on New Home at Segerstrom Center for the Arts


Good Government; Eliminating Fines & Taxes


November 26, 2021

OC Public Library Eliminates Late Fines


Los Angeles Times

November 23, 2021

Late Fees at OC Public Libraries Check Out



November 18, 2021

Bookworms, rejoice! OC Public Libraries eliminates late fees


Voice of OC

August 10, 2021

OC Could Slash $25 Million in Small Business Fees Under Supervisor’s Proposal



November 10, 2021

Foley to intervene in Los Al, Cypress jurisdictional traffic signal dispute


Community News

Supervisor Katrina Foley announces parking relief, solution to street sweeping issue in Rossmoor

Orange County Breeze

November 2, 2021

Supervisor Katrina Foley announces parking relief, solution to street sweeping issue in Rossmoor


November 4, 2021

After decades, Rossmoor finally gets a street sweeping fix


Climate Action, Clean Energy, Community Choice

Voice of OC

November 23, 2021

OC’s First Clean Energy Agency to Consider Power Plans



Fishing Resumes In 45 Miles Of Water Off Orange County Coast Previously Closed Due To October Oil Spill

CBS Los Angeles

November 30, 2021

Fishing Resumes In 45 Miles Of Water Off Orange County Coast Previously Closed Due To October Oil Spill

Fishing in Orange County resumes after oil spill near Huntington Beach

Los Angeles Times

November 30, 2021

Fishing in Orange County resumes after oil spill near Huntington Beach

Authorities identify source of oil sheen off Huntington Beach

Los Angeles Times

November 21, 2021

Authorities Identify Source of Oil Sheen Off Huntington Beach


KXFM Radio

October 12, 2021

An in depth conversation with Supervisor Foley about the oil spill, the cleanup effort, and the investigations now underway. We also discuss her having set a standard for transparency in a government body that has resisted it recently.



Mental health: 

Los Angeles Times – Daily Pilot

September 16, 2021

Orange County’s first mobile mental health crisis unit is in Huntington Beach


Covid-19 Related Updates 

The Orange County Register

September 16, 2021

Katrina Foley is right to defy fellow OC supes on COVID info


Los Angeles Times – Daily Pilot

June 12, 2021

Candlelight vigil at Costa mesa’s Avenue of the Arts honors Orange County lives lost to COVID-19


New University – UC Irvine Official Campus Newspaper

December 1, 2021

Hundreds Protest Board of Supervisors’ Decision to Implement COVID-19 Vaccine Passport in Orange County


Transparency in Governance

Los Angeles Times

September 3, 2021

Orange County bans health officials from supervisor’s COVID-19 press briefings


Voice of OC

September 2, 2021 (updated September 7, 2021)

OC Supervisors Do and Chaffee Block County Health Experts From Public Covid Updates


Daily Pilot

September 21, 2021

Orange County health experts allowed to participate in Foley’s COVID-19 briefings again


Voice of OC

August 11, 2021 (updated September 7, 2021)

OC Supervisors Bury Public COVID Updates, Shut Down Effort to Have Experts Answer Questions


Voice of OC

September 29, 2021

Millions in No-Bid Contracts Delayed as OC Supervisor Questions Why There Was No Competition


Voice of OC

July 16, 2021 (updated July 17, 2021)

Officials Shut Down Public Presentation of Multi-Million Dollar Mile Square Park Plan




November 27, 2021

‘Tyrants and Traitors Need to be Executed,’ Said the Army-Vet-Conspiracy-Theorist


Spectrum News

July 5, 2021

Orange County Supervisor persists despite protests in front of her home


Orange County Breeze

October 28, 2021

Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley releases statement on arrest of Huntington Beach resident related to January 6 Capitol Riots



The Orange County Register

November 28, 2021 (updated November 29, 2021)

Community gathers in Newport Beach for menorah lighting, start of Hanukkah


Daily Pilot

November 26, 2021

All is merry and bright as Costa Mesa’s fairgrounds host 2nd annual Night of Lights OC


Sun Newspapers

September 8, 2021

Seal Beach gives Supervisor Foley a city flag


Daily Pilot

September 13, 2021

10 Orange County Olympians honored with a Sunday morning parade


In historic vote, O.C. supervisors approve majority-Latino district for five-member board

Los Angeles Times

November 23, 2021

In historic vote, O.C. supervisors approve majority-Latino district for five-member board


Laguna Beach Independent

November 24, 2021

Laguna Beach largely sees status quote in county supervisor redistricting

(“Gwen McNallan, president of the Laguna Beach Democratic Club, said her members are happy with the outcome of the supervisor redistricting map.

“Although no map is ‘perfect’ we feel keeping Laguna Beach with Newport Beach and Costa Mesa is the best outcome for the residents of our city,” she said. “Our club is energized and ready to elect Katrina Foley as our supervisor in the upcoming election. With the open central Orange County district, we have the opportunity to flip the Board of Supervisors blue.”)


The Epoch Times

November 26, 2021

Orange County Supervisors Choose Intriguing New Redistricting Map


OC Supervisors Get Closer to Reshaping County’s Political Landscape for Next Decade

Voice of OC

November 9, 2021 (updated November 10, 2021)

OC Supervisors Get Closer to Reshaping County’s Political Landscape for Next Decade




March 15, 2021

Katrina Foley wins race to replace Michelle Steel on OC Board of Supervisors


Recent Board News

OC Supervisors Make Controversial Hospital Executive Appointment to Public Health Plan Board

Voice of OC

November 30, 2021

OC Supervisors Make Controversial Hospital Executive Appointment to Public Health Plan Board




Thursday, September 16th, 2021

Orange County Register: Foley right to defy supes on COVID info

When it comes to public information about how the government is operating, we take a simple approach: More is better than less. Officials should err on the side of openness, which is in keeping with the spirit of the state’s open-government laws.



Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 – Thursday, July 1st, 2021

Patch: Gypsum Canyon Site Touted For Veteran's Cemetery In Orange County ANAHEIM HILLS, CA —A consensus is building toward placing a cemetery for Orange County veterans in Anaheim Hills. Now that it appears a deal to establish one in Irvine has fizzled, Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner said Thursday. 07/01/2021

Patch: Independence Day Vaccination Goals Reached In Orange County ORANGE COUNTY, CA — A total of 70 percent of Orange County's adult population has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, officials said Wednesday, amid encouraging trends involving infections and hospitalizations. 07/01/2021



Tuesday, June 29th, 2021:

Washington Post: Online activism is spilling into the streets of Southern California, sparking a post-Trump movement Katrina Foley was the only one of five Orange County supervisors who voted against pausing the plan. Since her opposing vote, she has been barraged with hate mail and targeted with social media posts calling her a “worshipper” of Adolf Hitler. Protesters also showed up at her home. 06/29/2021



Thursday, June 24th, 2021:

Voice of OC: How Much are Trash Bills Going Up in Orange County’s Unincorporated Areas? Still, county Supervisor Katrina Foley said the county should know how much the rates are increasing. “I would think so,” Foley said last week. “You can be sure when I go into the office right now, I’m going to ask someone to look into this.”



Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

Voice of OC: OC Supervisors Grapple With Letting Vaccinated People Ditch Masks in County Buildings Orange County Supervisors questioned their own pandemic policies on who has to wear a mask inside county buildings and how officials will verify if someone is fully vaccinated, with Supervisor Katrina Foley saying she’s worried the county isn’t following state regulations. 06/23/2021

OC Register: OC supervisors argue over whether to let public back into board meetings Supervisor Katrina Foley said she thought the state clearly put the onus on businesses and government agencies to make sure people wear a mask if they’re unvaccinated, and she noted that anyone can make a complaint to CalOSHA if they believe state health regulations aren’t being enforced – violations would carry a fine. 06/23/2021

KFI AM 640: Orange County Supervisors Place Term Limits Measure on Recall Ballot Supervisors Don Wagner and Katrina Foley voted no. 06/23/2021

Nguo Viet: Giám sát viên OC tranh cãi về việc để công chúng dự họp hội đồng Giám Sát Viên Katrina Foley nói bà nghĩ rằng tiểu bang rõ ràng giao trách nhiệm cho doanh nghiệp và cơ quan chính quyền bảo đảm mọi người đeo khẩu trang nếu chưa chích ngừa. Bà lưu ý bất kỳ ai cũng có quyền khiếu nại lên Cal/OSHA nếu tin rằng quy định y tế của tiểu bang không được áp dụng – mà ai vi phạm sẽ bị phạt. 06/22/2021



Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

 Spectrum News: OC weekly COVID-19 averages remain stable; hospitalizations decline Supervisor Katrina Foley quizzed Chau and Orange County CEO Frank Kim about why changes were made in a county memo issued last week on the latest rules regarding face coverings and quarantining that diverge from state guidelines. 06/22/2021

Voice of OC: Who Will Shape Billions in OC Spending on Police, Homelessness and Mental Health? Next Year’s Election Race is Already Underway  Supervisors Doug Chaffee and Katrina Foley are up for reelection next year, while Supervisor Lisa Bartlett will be termed out. 06/22/2021



Monday, June 21st, 2021

Voice of OC: Veterans Coalition Abandons Cemetery Push in Irvine, Shifts Focus to Gypsum Canyon The potential site would be off the 91 Freeway, on a plot of county owned land already set to become a public cemetery. The coalition garnered support from 24 different veterans groups in Orange County, including every VFW post in the county and over half a dozen American Legion posts. The effort also picked up signatures from a wide variety of county political figures, including Congressman Lou Correa, State Senator Josh Newman, and county supervisors Andrew Do, Don Wagner and Katrina Foley. 06/21/2021

Voice of OC: Who Really Decides How Tax Dollars Are Spent in Orange County? Supervisor Katrina Foley, who was elected in March when the budget development was wrapping up, said she’s been trying to make the budget process more accessible to the public, as well as add a Fly Quiet program to reduce noise from smaller planes at John Wayne Airport and get the county to pay for mental health response that cities are now paying for. 06/21/2021

OC Register: More veterans groups, elected officials sign on to support Anaheim Hills cemetery site The Veterans Alliance of Orange County (or VALOR) announced Monday, June 21, that more than a dozen Veterans of Foreign Wars posts, seven American Legion chapters, and officials including Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu, county supervisors Don Wagner, Andrew Do and Katrina Foley, and Santa Ana Congressman Lou Correa are now backing their effort to have a cemetery built on a county parcel in Anaheim’s Gypsum Canyon at the junction of the 91 freeway and 241 toll road. 06/21/2021

Daily Journal: Information sought on pair charged in road-rage killing Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley speaks during a news conference, Tuesday, June 8, 2021, in Santa Ana, Calif., after Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, right, announced charges filed against Marcus Anthony Eriz and Wynne Lee in the death of Aiden Leos, right, the 6-year-old boy who was shot and killed on his way to kindergarten in his mother's car on the 55 Freeway in Orange on May 21. 06/21/2021

Voice of OC: Costa Mesa Officials Approve $2M Annual Contract For Shelter, Other Cities Rethink Homelessness Response Supervisor Katrina Foley — the former mayor of Costa Mesa — said at a county board meeting earlier this month that it should be the county footing the bill for mental health response. 06/21/2021

Voice of OC: ‘Sneaky’ Ballot Proposal is Revived to Extend OC Supervisor Term Limits While Calling It a ‘Lifetime Ban’ Supervisor Katrina Foley said Friday she just learned of the proposal and was asking questions of the county’s attorney. The other two supervisors – Andrew Do and Doug Chaffee – didn’t return phone messages for comment. 06/21/2021

Sun Newspaper: Los Alamitos graduates parade through the streets of Rossmoor Also riding in this year’s parade was newly elected Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley, driven in a red Ferrari convertible, just in front of a large, decorated, yellow school bus designed to carry other school and elected officials. 06/21/2021

USA Today: There was a $500K reward in alleged road rage shooting of Aiden Leos in California. Will it be paid? Orange County supervisor Katrina Foley matched Wagner’s donation to support the search and amplify the investigation along with others in the community who were impacted by Aiden’s death. 06/21/2021



Monday, June 14th, 2021

Daily Pilot: Candlelight vigil at Costa Mesa’s Avenue of the Arts honors Orange County lives lost to COVID-19  Orange County District 2 Supervisor Katrina Foley said she organized Friday’s vigil after attending a similar remembrance May 19 at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center. 06/14/2021

Voice of OC: Orange County Remembers Residents Who Died from Coronavirus in Countywide Memorial The memorial service was hosted by County Supervisor Katrina Foley, marking the first time any county official memorialized residents killed by the virus. Foley was not in attendance due to a family emergency, said Foley’s Chief of Staff Debbie Lumpkin. 06/14/2021

Yahoo News (CBS Los Angeles Transcript): Marcus Eriz, Wynne Lee Charged In Road Rage Killing Of 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos KATRINA FOLEY: Because it could have been any of us, we all related to this. 06/14/2021

NGUOI VIET: Orange County nghẹn ngào tưởng niệm hơn 5,000 nạn nhân COVID-19 Sau ba tháng chuẩn bị, đến giờ chót, Giám Sát Viên Katrina Foley gặp chuyện bất ngờ nên không thể có mặt trong buổi tưởng niệm. 06/14/2021

NGUOI VIET: Ngày 11 Tháng Sáu, Orange County tưởng niệm cư dân chết vì COVID-19 Bà Katrina Foley, giám sát viên Orange County đại diện Địa Hạt 2, cho hay bà cùng nhân viên giúp tổ chức buổi lễ “để chúng ta tưởng nhớ những người thiệt mạng, và khi chúng ta chuyển sang giai đoạn mở cửa lại của tiểu bang và quận hạt, sẽ không lãng quên những người hàng xóm đã mất.” 06/14/2021



Friday, June 11th, 2021

Voice of OC: Orange County’s More Than 5,000 COVID Dead Will Be Memorialized Friday, Marking a First by County Government The memorial service is being hosted by County Supervisor Katrina Foley, marking the first time any county official memorializes residents killed by the virus.  06/11/2021

OC Breeze: Supervisor Foley to hold COVID-19 memorial on evening of June 11th Supervisor Katrina Foley (2nd District) will host a COVID-19 memorial on the evening of Friday, June 11th, 2021, in recognition of the more than 5,000 lives lost during the pandemic. The public is invited to attend. 06/11/2021

OC Register: Orange County COVID-19 victims to be honored Friday in memorial event OC Second District Supervisor Katrina Foley said she and her staff helped put the event together as “a way for us to recognize and honor those that lost their lives, and as we move into the next phase, transition into the reopening of the state and the county, but not forget about those people we lost here – our neighbors.” 06/11/2021

Voice of OC: Even More OC Cities Join Movement to Switch Out Cops for Social Workers in Homeless, Mental Health Response At the county level, 2nd District Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley has said it should be the County of Orange making this push and that it shouldn’t have to fall on or come at the cost of local municipalities. 06/11/2021



Tuesday, June 8th, 2021:

AP: Man charged with murder of boy in road-rage shooting "In a civilized community, we should be able to drive our kid to school and not worry that they’re going to be shot in the back," said Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley. 06/08/2021

NBC News: 2 suspects in 6-year-old's California road rage death face murder, gun charges "In a civilized community, we should be able to drive our kid to school and not worry that they’re going to be shot in the back," said Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley. 06/08/2021

OC Register: Charges filed for suspects in 55 Freeway shooting that killed Aiden Leos The suspects were apprehended in Costa Mesa, where Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley previously served as mayor. 06/08/2021

Voice of OC: Are OC Supervisors Defunding the Sheriff? No, But Obscure Budget Process Makes It Look That Way “It’s really just how they do this weird ‘augmentation’ restore and expand process,” said Supervisor Katrina Foley, who took office in late March, when asked about it by Voice of OC. “The augmentation discussion I think needs to get more clarified for the public, so that people understand what it means…‘Restore augmentation’ – it’s like an oxymoron, right? It doesn’t even make sense grammatically.”06/08/2021



Monday, June 7th, 2021

ABC News: Aiden Leos case: News conference expected Monday after suspects arrested in killing of OC boy ORANGE, Calif. (KABC) -- Officials are expected to hold a news conference Monday following the announcement that two suspects were arrested in the death of Aiden Leos, the Orange County 6-year-old who was killed in a freeway shooting last month. 06/07/2021



Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 – Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Voice of OC: What Should OC Do With its Hundreds of Millions in Extra Tax Dollars? What Do You Think? Supervisor Katrina Foley said she’d like to see the county step up to pay for mental health crisis response services that cities are now footing the bill for amid frustration about slow response times from the county teams. Cities are paying for it despite them not receiving mental health funding, while the county does. 06/03/2021

OC Breeze: Supervisor Foley releases statement on Memorial Day Supervisor Katrina Foley (District 2) released the following statement in honor of Memorial Day: “Every Memorial Day, we take the time to honor and pay our respects to the fallen Americans who lost their lives serving in our military. Their sacrifices are felt deeply in cities and towns around the country, from the quiet and sacred spaces of Arlington National Cemetery to local cemeteries and American Legion Halls, to the empty seats at dinner tables. 06/03/2021

USA Today: Aiden Leos case: Reward grows to $450K in suspected road-rage killing of California boy; suspects' vehicle identified Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley pledged an additional $50,000, according to a statement shared on May 25. Anonymous donors and community members — including local businesses — donated $250,000. 06/03/2021



June 1st, 2021

OC Breeze: Supervisor Foley congratulates 2021 OCMA Physician of the Year Clayton Chau Supervisor Katrina Foley (District 2) released the following statement congratulating Dr. Clayton Chau, Orange County Health Officer and Director of the Orange County Health Care Agency (HCA) who is recognized as the 2021 Physician of the Year by the Orange County Medical Association. 06/01/2021



Friday, May 28th, 2021

Daily Pilot: TimesOC: Orange County mobilizes to catch killer of 6-year-old boy With Leos’ killer still on the loose, the county has mobilized to offer a reward of $310,000 to anyone who offers information that leads to the arrest of the shooter. Orange County Supervisors Don Wagner and Katrina Foley have donated $50,000 each from their offices’ budgets to the effort. Reporter Faith Pinho wrote that an anonymous donor has provided another $50,000, and several Orange County businesses have also donated. 05/28/2021

Voice of OC: OC Jewish Leaders Speak Out Against Antisemitism After Rise in Hate Crimes Members of the Jewish community in Orange County like Rachlis have condemned the Holocaust comparisons. Orange County Supervisors Andrew Do, Don Wagner and Katrina Foley have publicly criticized the comparisons. 05/28/2021

KFI AM 640: DA Spitzer Warns Boy's Killer to Surrender; Reward Grows Supervisor Katrina Foley contributed $50,000 from her office's discretionary budget, as well. The Board of Supervisors approved the $100,000 in contributions on Tuesday, and the Costa Mesa City Council is expected to add to the reward when it meets next week. 05/28/2021



Thursday, May 27th, 2021

USA Today: 'Let's get justice for his family': Reward reaches at least $300K in search for shooter of 6-year-old boy on California freeway The $50,000 from Wagner's office matches a $50,000 reward offered by Aiden's family, Wagner told USA TODAY. Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley pledged $50,000, according to a statement Tuesday, bringing the total to $150,000. 05/27/2021

ABC 7: Reward increases to $300,000 in search for Aiden Leos' killer after road-rage shooting in Orange Second District Supervisor Katrina Foley then said her district would do the same. Though the money will come from each district's budget, they did need board approval and both items passed Tuesday. Foley said she is talks with the city of Costa Mesa, where Aiden lived, so that they too could match the family's reward. 05/26/2021

LA Times: Reward in boy’s shooting death on freeway now totals $250,000 The family on Sunday announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the boy’s death. Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner said on Monday he would match that amount with funds from his district, and Supervisor Katrina Foley followed suit Tuesday. 05/27/2021



Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

CBS 2: Reward Now $200K To Catch Person Who Killed 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos Earlier in the day, Supervisors Don Wagner and Katrina Foley each used $50,000 from their discretionary county funds as an incentive for someone to turn the suspect in — increasing the original $50,000 reward put up by the family to $150,000. 05/25/2021

NY Daily News: Reward triples to $150K for ‘road rage’ shooter who killed 6-year-old Aiden Leos in California Two Orange County supervisors – Katrina Foley and Don Wagner – added $50,000 each from their office budgets to the initial $50,000 offered by the victim’s family. 05/25/2021

Daily Pilot: O.C. Supervisors join family in offering reward in fatal shooting of Costa Mesa 6-year-old Orange County Supervisors Donald Wagner and Katrina Foley have joined the family of the late Aiden Leos in its determined search for the suspect who shot and killed the Costa Mesa 6-year-old in an apparent road rage incident on the 55 Freeway in Orange last week. 05/25/2021

Los Angeles Times: Reward in boy’s shooting death on freeway now $200,000, thanks to anonymous donor The family on Sunday announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the boy’s death. Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner said on Monday he would match that amount with funds from his district, and Supervisor Katrina Foley followed suit Tuesday. 05/26/2021



Monday, May 24th – Tuesday, May 25th:

NBC News: Reward increased to $150,000 in search for person who shot 6-year-old in California road-rage incident Supervisor Katrina Foley, whose office on Tuesday announced an additional $50,000 contribution toward the reward fund, said she hoped the combined fund "adds 150,000 reasons to encourage the public to send in any tips and information they might have, directly leading to the arrests of the individuals involved in Aiden’s death.” 05/25/2021

Spectrum News: Orange County records 26 new cases of COVID-19 It appears the activists may be planning another protest in front of the home of newly elected Supervisor Katrina Foley. "If people have concerns about policy or want to petition the government the right place to do that is at the county board of supervisors meeting," Kim said. "That's an appropriate forum. The county has never closed its doors to the members of the public during the pandemic. We certainly encourage the public to come to the board meetings. That's the place to do it." 05/24/2021

LA Times: Family, O.C. officials offer $150,000 reward in shooting death of 6-year-old on 55 Freeway Orange County Supervisors Don Wagner and Katrina Foley are joining the family of 6-year-old Aiden Leos in their desperate search for the people responsible for his death in a road rage attack on the 55 Freeway last week. 05/25/2021

ABC 7: Reward triples to $150,000 in search for Aiden Leos' killer after road-rage shooting in Orange Second District Supervisor Katrina Foley then said her district would do the same. Though the money will come from each district's budget, they did need board approval and both items passed Tuesday. Foley said she is talks with the city of Costa Mesa, where Aiden lived, so that they too could match the family's reward. 05/25/2021

 My News LA: Orange County Supervisors Approve $100,000 Reward For Arrest Of Boy’s Killer Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner offered up $50,000 from his office’s discretionary budget, and then Supervisor Katrina Foley chipped in another $50,000 from her office’s budget. Both were approved by the board unanimously. 05/25/2021



Friday, May 21st, 2021

CBS Los Angeles: Orange County’s Largest Hotel, Hilton Anaheim, Reopens “I think it is definitely a welcome reprieve from COVID, and many of our businesses will be thrilled to have more capacity,” Supervisor Katrina Foley told CNS on Tuesday. “And, in general, our community worked so hard to get to this point, wearing the masks, social distancing, getting vaccinated. And it’s working. 05/20/201



Thursday, May 20th, 2021

Fox Los Angeles: OC Supervisor Katrina Foley discusses county soon entering yellow tier Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley sat down with FOX 11 to discuss her county's plan to reopen the economy. 05/20/2021.

KCAL 9: Orange County Enters Yellow Tier Wednesday As COVID-19 Rates Continue To Decline “I think it is definitely a welcome reprieve from COVID, and many of our businesses will be thrilled to have more capacity,” Supervisor Katrina Foley told City News Service Tuesday. “And, in general, our community worked so hard to get to this point, wearing the masks, social distancing, getting vaccinated. And it’s working. 05/19/2021

Voice of OC: OC’s County Government is Flush with New Cash. Where Should It Go? “Homes in Orange County are selling for astronomical amounts – across the board,” Supervisor Katrina Foley told Voice of OC on Wednesday. “In traditional working class communities, all the way up to our high-end expensive neighborhoods, the prices of homes are extremely high right now. And therefore that property tax [increase] is going to follow.” 05/20/2021

KFI AM 640: Orange County Poised to Make the Yellow Tier for COVID-19 Foley also criticized Wagner and Do for criticizing the state. “I don't know why they did that at a time when we're trying to build a relationship with the state,'' Foley said. “We have numerous funding requests in to help us with our critical infrastructure. We're doing a great job vaccinating people. We're almost there. Just have some patience. What's the motivation to always having to poke the bear?'' 05/18/2021



Monday, May 17th, 2021

Voice of OC: Chapman University Survey Finds Most OC Residents Support Masks and Vaccines, But Shows Stark Political Division Chapman University officials said they invited county supervisors to the panel, but only Supervisor Katrina Foley showed up. “Part of why we only hear from a minority viewpoint is because the county, frankly, does not enforce masks, does not enforce social distancing when the people come to speak. So therefore a lot of people who have an opposite opinion do not come down to the county,” Foley said. 05/17/2021

Voice of OC: OC Politicians Getting Ready to Redraw Their Re-Election Maps; Will the Public Get a Say on Who Represents Them? The only supervisor who responded to questions about redistricting was Katrina Foley, who took office a few weeks ago and said she’s getting up to speed on how redistricting works. “For sure we should involve the public, absolutely. I think it’s not only good practice but it’s a requirement of law,” Foley said in an interview last week. 05/17/2021



Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Voice of OC: Has Orange County’s Secretive Approach to Covid Contracting Gone Too Far, Broken the Law? Supervisor Andrew Do said Supervisor Katrina Foley was suggesting a Brown Act violation by the rest of the board, after Foley said a majority of the board participated in changing the contract while shutting the public – and Foley – out of the process. 05/13/2021

Los Angeles Times: Coronavirus Today: The people we’re still losing After nearly four hours of public comment, the Board of Supervisors voted 4 to 1 to pause any further work on developing a vaccine passport. Supervisor Katrina Foley cast the sole dissenting vote. 05/13/2021

Fox News: Tucker Carlson: If you don't get the COVID vaccine, you may be an agent of Russia Orange County’s board of supervisors effectively ignored Tuesday’s protest. One of the supervisors, a Democrat called Katrina Foley, dismissed the protestors with undisguised contempt. "They don’t believe in vaccines," she snorted. 05/13/2021

Spectrum News: Surf City rolls out accessibility mat, more to come in OC The city plans to roll the mat up every night and roll it back out in the mornings. County Supervisor Katrina Foley said during a press conference on May 5 that she plans to install more mats throughout Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. 05/13/2021



Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

ABC 7: OC supervisors pause vaccine passport plan as hundreds protest outside meeting Foley provided a statement on Tuesday's board meeting, writing in part: "The provision of a voluntary digital vaccination record was an option of the contract between the County and CuraPatient. The voluntary digital record provision, would have provided a convenient option for individuals, should they need to show proof of vaccination for access to businesses and entertainment venues. 05/11/2021

LA Times: After hundreds criticize nonexistent ‘vaccine passports,’ O.C. opts to shelve digital vaccine record  In response to the public outcry, the board ended up voting 4-1 to “pause” a plan to offer a digital vaccination record to residents who request it. Supervisor Katrina Foley cast the only dissenting vote. 05/11/2021

Voice of OC: Santana: Could OC End Up Saving Gov. Gavin Newsom, Recalling its Own GOP-Dominated Board of Supervisors? Newly-elected Democratic County Supervisor Katrina Foley — who today will join HCA Director and Public Health Officer Clayton Chau on the live Chapman Zoom discussion — continues to challenge her colleagues to open up the public comment period of the meetings to ensure that policy makers get more broad feedback. 05/12/2021

My News LA: Orange County Supervisors Appoint New Public Defender Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley also praised Schwarz, saying he “has significant experience in the public defender’s office.” Foley said she conducted her own survey of defense attorneys in the area, and “he seems very highly recommended and qualified… I think he has a collaborative spirit and will be an excellent choice.” 05/12/2021



Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

 Voice of OC: Newport Beach Residents Stop $13K County Sale of Back Bay Park Land to Wealthy GOP Donor Some local watch dogs caught wind of the deal, elected county Supervisor Katrina Foley halted it before it got to a vote, and Voice of OC later reported that the deal to sell park land to Newport Beach resident Buck Johns was facilitated by a then-supervisor Johns has been a donor to: Michelle Steel, who has since been elected to Congress. 

Now, a petition to stop the county’s “abandonment” process of the land, which would allow the sale, has crossed the needed 200 signature mark, according to petition organizer Susan Skinner. By hundreds of signatures.  “I decided to remove this item from the agenda instead of moving forward with a vote,” wrote Foley in a newsletter to her coastal constituents on Friday, adding that OC Parks “will work to revoke the fence” surrounding the parcel. 05/10/2021

 OC Register: OC officials to face crowd, again, over stalled plans for digital vaccine records OC Supervisor Katrina Foley said the suggestion that the county will require anyone to obtain or show proof they’ve been inoculated is “100% false” and added that inaccurate comments about it are undermining the county’s vaccination efforts. 05/10/2021

LA Times: Vans announces death of co-founder Paul Van Doren at age 90 Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley commented on Van Doren’s passing, expressing how Paul, along with his brother James, “helped bring creativity and ingenuity to this now iconic company.” 05/07/2021 

KTLA 5: Group in O.C. protests digital COVID vaccine records that officials say are not required, meant to be convenienceO.C. Supervisor Katrina Foley reaffirmed that it’s “100% false” that the county would require anyone to obtain or show proof of vaccination. She said the inaccurate comments on the matter are undermining vaccination efforts, according to the newspaper. 05/11/2021

CBS Los Angeles: Hundreds Sign Up To Denounce Vaccine Passports At Orange County Board Of Supervisors Meeting SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — Hundreds of people who are adamantly against getting the COVID-19 vaccine are determined to express why at the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. 05/11/2021



Thursday, May 6th, 2021

Daily Pilot: Huntington Beach debuts its first Mobi-Mat for easy beach access Crumby, Mayor Kim Carr and Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley were also among the speakers at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 05/05/2021

Voice of OC: After Public Backlash, Orange County Officials Back Up on Secret Contracts At last week’s meeting, Supervisor Katrina Foley questioned whether, going forward, the county would be posting online all of its emergency-approved contracts. 05/05/2021



Wednesday, May 5th, 2021

Voice of OC: OC Halts Plan to Destroy Meeting Records in Response to Voice of OC’s Questions, Considers Digital Archiving Katrina Foley, the newest county supervisor, told Voice of OC she supports archiving the records and would be asking county staff for answers on how to do so. “To the extent possible we should always try to preserve and archive public meetings and records of public hearings,” Foley said. 05/05/2021



Monday, May 3rd, 2021

Voice of OC: How Will Orange County Officials Overcome Coronavirus Vaccine Hesitancy? Incentives Could Be One AnswerDemocratic county Supervisor Katrina Foley said many residents support the public health measures and vaccination efforts, but are reluctant to come to the meetings. “We get a lot of correspondence from people who don’t feel comfortable coming down to the board meeting. Because people are down here without masks, they are against vaccinations,” Foley said during Tuesday’s meeting. 04/3/2021



Thursday, April 29th, 2021


Patch: Rossmoor Residents Were Overcharged Tax, Supervisor Foley SaysROSSMOOR, CA —After an increase in sales tax in the city of Los Alamitos, Rossmoor residents were up in arms about having to keep up with the 1.5 percent increase. This week, new Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley provided Rossmoor Community Services District a clarification that the City of Los Alamitos sales tax rate does not apply to Rossmoor. 04/29/2021

Spectrum News: Supervisor Katrina Foley and Board Chairman Andrew Do noted they received a letter from the Orange County Business Council supporting a vaccine verification program. Supervisor Katrina Foley and Board Chairman Andrew Do noted they received a letter from the Orange County Business Council supporting a vaccine verification program. 04/29/202



Wednesday, April 28th, 2021


OC Register: Orange County officials put digital vaccine records on hold Other supervisors pushed back. The Fifth District’s Supervisor Lisa Bartlett said the people she’s heard from “overwhelmingly” want an electronic vaccination record, and Second District Supervisor Katrina Foley noted the Orange County Business Council sent a letter advocating for a digital vaccine verification to help businesses safely reopen or increase their customer capacity. 04/28/2021

Voice of OC: Newport Political Donor’s $13K Bid for Back Bay Park Land Stokes Opposition, Debate Over Who Gets Priority for Public Land in OCCampaign finance data shows Johns has been a donor to elected officials like former supervisor and current Republican Congresswoman Michelle Steel, who helped move forward with the process after Johns contacted her last year, according to county staff and Supervisor Katrina Foley, who got elected to the seat when Steel won a seat in Congress. 04/28/2021



Monday, April 26th, 2021


Voice of OC: OC Deputy Sheriffs Get 5 Times More Training on Guns Than De-Escalation. Could That Be Changing? “I always support more training. You can’t go wrong with more training, for sure,” especially when it comes to mental health, Supervisor Katrina Foley told Voice of OC last week. “As we look at cases where people may not understand the law because of their mental competencies, we need to make sure” deputies are trained, she added.



Wednesday, April 22nd, 2021

Precinct Reporter Group: OC SUPERVISOR FOLEY NAMES CHIEF OF STAFF Orange County District 2 Supervisor Katrina Foley has announced the appointment of Debbie E. Lumpkin as her Chief of Staff. 04/22/2021

Voice of OC: Orange County is Looking at Destroying Public Meeting Records After 2 Years. Will They Save Digital Copies?Katrina Foley, the newest county supervisor, told Voice of OC she supports archiving the records and will be asking county staff for answers on how to do so. 04/22/2021

Event News Enterprise: Rossmoor seeks outside advice on enhancing governmental powers Barke revealed the district met with new Second District Supervisor Katrina Foley and would keep her appraised as well so that if and when legislation does appear, the district would want her support as well. 04/22/2021



Monday, April 19th, 2021

Voice of OC: From Outrage to Silence: Improper Recording of Attorney-Client Prisoner Calls in Orange County Goes Unmentioned as Jail Phones Contract is Renewed “This will become a priority for our office,” said Supervisor Katrina Foley, whose first board meeting was last week, told Voice of OC. Foley said her new chief of staff, who starts Monday, will dive into the contract and know which questions to ask. “We’ll make sure to shine some light on the matters people are concerned about,” Foley said. 04/19/2021

OC Register: With food trucks and music, Huntington Beach hosts celebration of diversity as antidote to hate Speakers were to include U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Steel, California Sen. Dave Min, Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris and Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley. 04/19/2021



April 15th:

OC Breeze: Supervisor Katrina Foley announces Public Safety Policy Advisor Supervisor Katrina Foley announces the appointment of Newport Beach resident and retired Police Chief Dave Snowden as her Public Safety Policy Advisor. 04/14/2021

Daily Pilot: Orange County will not require a vaccine ‘passport’ following a backlash, officials say “I am concerned that we are allowing a small minority of individuals who have been calling our offices all day yesterday and that still started ringing this morning ... to dictate how we serve the community’s health,” Foley said.  04/14/2021



April 14th:

Voice of OC: OC’s Glitchy Vaccine App ‘Othena’ Quietly Gets Nearly $3 Million Increase Many commenters urged county supervisors not to sign the contract, while supervisors Andrew Do and Katrina Foley responded and said the board had no such contract up for a vote. That’s because county supervisors created a different process for Covid contracts, where the vast majority of agreements are approved by county staff with no official vote by supervisors. Such contracts were kept secret from the public for months until Voice of OC discovered the scale of the secret contracting in January and published a series of articles about it. 04/14/2021

Spectrum News: Orange County officials vow no vaccine mandates Supervisor Katrina Foley said she was "concerned we have a small minority of individuals who have been calling our offices all day yesterday," and that most of the county has either gotten inoculated or supports vaccines. When Foley asked Chau how secure the information in Othena is, Chau said it is stored in the Google cloud, which is the same place favored by the U.S. Department of Justice. 4/13/2021

New University (UCI Paper) Orange County Fair and Event Center Opens COVID-19 Vaccine Supersite“This vaccination site here at the OC [fairgrounds] is going to be critical to helping us reduce the number of hospitalizations, reduce the number of positive cases and get us all back to living our best lives,” Orange County Second District Supervisor and former Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley said at the conference. 04/13/2021

Coast Report Online: OC officials address online vaccine passport concerns According to Supervisor Katrina Foley, the state is currently considering allowing venues (for events such as concerts) to increase their capacity from 33% to 67%, if all attendees provide proof of either a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination. This further raises the question of how the state will regulate this, balancing public safety with privacy concerns posed by the app. 04/13/2021

Daily Pilot: Huntington Beach exhales after ‘White Lives Matter’ rally fizzles out Carr said the city of Huntington Beach will continue efforts to promote inclusion and diversity. On Sunday afternoon, she stayed away from the rally area and took part in a virtual event on Zoomfeaturing three other City Council members. Local leaders including state Sen. Dave Min (D-Irvine), Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley and state Assemblywomen Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) and Janet Nguyen (R-Fountain Valley) also participated. 04/14/2021



April 12th:

Voice of OC: Will Orange County’s Vaccine Gaps Lead to Disproportionate Outbreaks Among Latinos? “Some people — they can’t afford to take off work to come to 8 to 5 hours. They need extended hours into evening times. We will be working on that,” said county Supervisor Katrina Foley at a news conference last week. 04/12/2021



April 9th:

Event-News Enterprise: Foley sworn in as 2nd District Supervisor Having won a special election to fill the remainder of Congresswoman Michelle Steel’s seat, Supervisor Katrina Foley has taken the oath of office for the 2nd District for the Orange County Board of Supervisors. 04/09/2021



April 5th:

KFI AM-640: OC's Latest COVID-19 Data: 248 New Cases, Drop in Hospitalizations Supervisor Katrina Foley, who represents the district that includes the fairgrounds, said plans are in the works to offer more flexible hours at the site “because some people cannot afford to take time off from work to go to a POD from 8 to 5.'' 04/05/2021

Daily Pilot: Let’s Be Kind Month begins in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach Cristina Robeck, chief operating officer of Let’s Be Kind and Rebekah’s mother, said the organization had a preexisting relationship with the Costa Mesa City Council through former Mayor Katrina Foley, whose children went to Costa Mesa High School. “We just asked her if she could introduce us to some donors and she did and from there came the proclamation. We were impacting so many schools in our city,” Robeck said. “We saw that it was going to impact the city as whole.” 04/04/2021

Orange County Business Journal: COVID-19: Disney Tickets; Vaccines Expand in Some OC Cities; Vaccine Count (From March 29th round-up) Orange County is expected to open an additional mass vaccine site this week at the Costa Mesa fairgrounds, newly elected County Supervisor Katrina Foley said last week. The location is slated to open before Thursday, when residents age 50 and older become eligible for vaccines. Vaccines will then expand to all adult residents and workers on April 15. 04/07/2021